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Benjamin Harrison
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Filipino Martial Arts are generally known for their weapons based training. But, Arnis, Eskrima and Kali also train the empty hands to include striking, blocking, parrying, using the hands, fists, elbows, forearms, knees, feet, and legs. This also includes; locks, chokes, disarms, trips, sweeps, reaps and pressure point manipulations.

The principle is: "The weapon is an extension of the hand."

With this in mind, all the techniques learned with the knife, sword or stick, all translate to the empty hand. The footwork, body position and angling are the same. With minor adjustments for range, the techniques learned with the weapon are the same for the empty hand!

This enables the arts of the Philippines to be learned quickly.

Another principle called "Defang the Snake", is the idea of attacking the limbs, especially the hands and arms wielding the weapon/weapons. "Limb destruction" focuses on removing the threat (knife, sword or stick) and then finishing the attacker.

There are many drills that train a specific reaction to an angle of attack or range of attack. Specifically, movements that teach both partners an action from an offensive or defensive position or both simutaneously. What is nice is that the strike from a sword is interchangeable with an attack or defense. Block or strike, its all the same.

When you do not have access to a weapon, applying the techniques with empty hands flows right from the drills and training you have practiced with weapons. This is one of the advantages of training in the Filipino Martial Arts and adding them to your Martial Arts regiment.



Guro Ben Harrison

Reagite ut Defendatis!

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Guru Laura
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very well put..... weapons to empty hand or empty hands to weapons . many people when they train with a weapon and you take that weapon away they get frustrated on what to do..same goes if you start empty hand to weapon....so the more you practice both ways the easier it becomes and you get muscle memory made. so practice slow and fluid to get the techniques down then slowly ad the speed once you speed up and get sloppy slow it down again this will make you better

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