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Benjamin Harrison
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What does Advanced Modern Arnis look like? or What is Advanced Modern Arnis?

I think that this question can have many answers as well as one answer. I get this question alot and it usually has a political motivation behind it.

But my answer is usually pretty bland and non-political amongst Modern Arnis circles.

Many want a definitive answer or description like, Tapi-Tapi, Sinawali, Single Cane techniques or Empty hand (Small Circle) locks and takedowns, etc. But I believe it is deeper than just one aspect of Modern Arnis, I believe it is as simple (or complex) as the concept of the "Flow".

Let me explain what I mean, Tapi-Tapi is the Flow, Disarms with stick and empty hand are the Flow, Block, Check, Counter is the Flow, Locks and Takedowns are the Flow, Six count is the Flow, etc.

I believe the Flow is universal in all Martial Arts at the advanced levels. I am trying to convey this to my senior students and Instructors in our training.

It goes something like this; When we are practicing our drills such as Tapi-Tapi or Korredas or Sumbrada or Block, Check, Counter - Counter, our goal is to "FLOW" from one drill / technique / throw / takedown / lock / strike / block without interruption.

In other words we don't stop and acknowledge each drill or technique, it is a smooth transition from one to another and only afterwards are we able to put the pieces together. Example: After his strike I blended a Counter Strike / Parry from Korredas, then went into a stick lock from Tapi Tapi and ended with a lock and takedown from Dumog. Or: After an attempted stab from his knife, I angled away using our footwork while redirecting from our 5-6-7 drill, going into a compress elbow terchnique from our Dumog, disarming the knife by using a techinue from our Advanced Six Disarms and followed up with a Knee destruction takedown from our Silat / Dumog technques.

By 'Flowing" with the attack and "Flowing" with the Attacker and "Flowing" with our response to the attack by utilizing our drills and techniques, we are demonstrating advanced Modern Arnis, the "FLOW".

Even though all Martial Disciplines utilize this concept, they may not use the term. The "Flow" is used universally among Filipino Martial Arts, but the concept is Universal.

What do think, please add your comments or ideas to this forum for discussion.



Guro Ben Harrison

Reagite ut Defendatis!

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Joel Priest
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       One of my favorite aspects of the FMA is that it does not require me to believe in or rely on nebulous mysticism (not counting a few fringe groups...) The idea that it is grounded in solid ground really appeals to me.

       Another aspect I've been thinking about and have discussed with some fellow students including the L.E.O.'s amongst us, that part of flow/the goal of a fight is to attack with 'shock and awe', it is the tactic criminals use in one-on-one street muggings, it is the tactic that swat teams use when they take down criminals, and the principle behind ambushes and other discussions/studies of force multipliers in military strategy for huge armies. Kind of a cool, art of war/book of 5 rings micro-mini-macro correlation there, I've always thought.



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